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Freedom Coaching

Vincent provides Freedom Coaching for those seeking one on one coaching for overcoming past issues that have held you back from living in freedom and moving into your life’s purpose and fulfilling your legacy.  Coaching Packages can be book as:


  • 3 sessions: identifying the issue
  • 6 sessions: moving past the issue
  • 12 session: moving past the issue and identifying your purpose
  • 24 sessions: moving past the issue, identifying your purpose, living your purpose


To determine the right sessions and cost for you, contact Bethany at:


Relationship Coaching



Bethany Williams has over 30 years as a corporate growth agent and executive coach to C-suite executives and entrepreneurs across the globe. Known for her TEDx talk, Bethany has written 7 books.


Her resume includes senior leadership and acting as a growth agent for companies like IDX, GE, Perot Systems, PWC and ZirMed. Known as the ‘CEO Whisperer,’ top leaders seek her out to listen to their ideas and advise them on growth strategies.


She has a long track record of doubling company revenues and finding weaknesses that prevent company growth. Coupled with her powerful corporate back- ground and wisdom gained from the loss of two husbands, being a single mom, and overcoming physical pain and limitations, Bethany’s strength in relational coaching is helping people identify their areas for growth and the steps necessary to experience deep meaningful relationships.



Vincent Nelson was a pastor for 17 years, helping thousands of people identify the soul issues within (issues of emotions, the mind, and the will) that keep them from experiencing healthy relationships.


As Vincent has walked through his own recovery from deep painful childhood issues of mistrust and isolation and the selfish actions that resulted from them, he’s learned the steps necessary to becoming a healthy individual. It’s those steps that lead a person from striving to rest with the discovery of the innate value that already resides within, creating the healthy foundation for vibrant relationships.



Several years ago Vincent and Bethany met and began something they call the truth and love journey. They began a video series on YouTube and then on their website called The Intimacy Journey…a place where you can be known fully, know another fully, and still be completely embraced. They began sharing their own stories of relationship failure and the steps needed to experience real intimacy.


Together Vincent and Bethany make a powerful coaching team, identifying the issues that hold people back from meaningful relationships and provide the steps to experience deep, lasting intimacy. To learn how relationship coaching can help you, contact:




To watch their video series and other relationship material, go to:

The Intimacy Journey Video Series - Season 1

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The Intimacy Journey Video Series -

Season 2 and Beyond

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